Spring Pilgrim Gathering 2019

What a great Spring Gathering! Presentations ranged from lesser used routes: Camino Primitivo and the Via Augusta to bedbugs. And John Brierley set a tone for mindfulness and intention when we walk. His presentation was recorded and will be edited and available to all chapters in about a month.

Thank you to all who volunteered to help this day happen. We had so many people offer to volunteer this time that we could not take all offers. Please don’t let deter you from offering again next year. We like to have new people volunteering and getting involved in the Victoria Chapter. The commitment for volunteer work at the Spring Gathering is about one to two hours. During the year we also look for volunteers to lead our monthly walks; present their slides from their Camino either at Robinson’s in February or at a Camino 101 to help those preparing for a Camino to better understand what they will enjoy on the way.  Please let me know if any of these ‘giving back’ opportunities interest you.

John Brierley gave a wide ranging talk about the Camino as family, different routes to consider to take the pressure off the Camino Francés. He referred specifically to the Camino de Invierno which leaves the Camino Francés at Ponferrada and thus avoids the very busy last 100-150kms, entering Santiago de Compostela from the south.

Dennis Tam has produced a number of videos that you are welcome to share with your friends. The presentation that he and Jim Rondeau did at the Gathering is:

Accomodation:      https://youtu.be/0kZXjLvhQBA

Camino Francés:               https://youtu.be/A4BeyPem63o

Camino Portugese from Porto:    https://youtu.be/ZCst8kBLFT8

Camino Portugese from Lisbon:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u9VctEHAqg&t=194s

MaryLou Bevier presented her slides on the Camino Primitivo and invited questions about  the route be directed to her. She likes the following site, although it is in Spanish, it has great route maps and topographic profiles for not only the primitive, but many of the Caminos.

Nada Jovic presented the Dual Pilgrimage concept by walking both the Camino de Santiago and also the Kumano Kodo. The difference between Japan and Spain are remarkable and she is happy to receive any questions. If you plan to go, please contact her. She has provided the following helpful links to help you plan.

Mary Virtue presented the Via Augusta (Cádiz to Sevilla) and 10 days on the Via de la Plata. (Sevilla to Mérida). Although there are paper, pdf and online guides for the Via de la Plata (caminoapp.net) , the best maps and accommodation information can be found by downloading the maps from both the Dutch site and the Spanish site.
First, download the maps.me app to your phone and then the maps will be overlaid on the map of Spain.  Download BOTH maps as there are slight differences and not a lot of yellow arrows.